ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder

ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder 1

Convert several audio file from one format to another

ACE-HIGH MP3 Converter is a useful tool for anyone who has different audio formats in their music library. This application facilitates any task regarding audio conversion by offering all of the tools and supported formats required for these purposes. ACE-HIGH MP3 Converter supports OGG, WMA, WAV, and MP3 music. This converter is very easy to use, all you need to do is select your music files, add them, select the required conversion and press the convert button. ACE-HIGH MP3 Converter can also normalize your WAV files with batch mode for carrying out several tasks simultaneously. There's even support for MP3 ID3 tags, both version one and two. This tool guarantees the best quality in your output files, no more worrying about imperfect files. Convert your files at high speed and choose the quality level for your new files. You can easily convert your files with the drag and drop feature, saving you a lots of time. The next time you need to convert your audio files from one format into another, ACE-HIGH MP3 Converter can help you.